Why “Purposeful Communication”?

Why “Purposeful Communication”?

You’re communicating something right now. That’s right, right now. If you raised your eyebrows at that in unbelief, you just communicated unbelief. Did you catch that? You communicated. Maybe you didn’t react at all to the statement. Then you communicated that what you just read didn’t surprise you. Nevertheless, you still communicated.

In reality, we are always communicating something, regardless of whether or not we realize it. I find this fact to be quite thought-provoking, very challenging, and a little frightening. Since I am always communicating something, what am I communicating when I’m not thinking about communicating?

But it gets even bigger than that. Not only are we always communicating, we are always communicating for someone! All of the time. Every moment of our day. Every day of our life. And as Christians, that someone is Christ. You see, as soon as we identify ourselves with Christ by saying we’re a Christian, we are communicating for Christ. And that’s regardless of if our actions line up with those of God’s. People don’t look at us and decide whether what we’re doing is in accordance with God and who He is. They look at us and equate us with God! “If that’s what he/she is like, then that must be what God is like.”

Wow! This discussion just got a whole lot bigger! We’re not just talking about always communicating something, we’re talking about always communicating something in God’s name! As soon as we identify ourselves with Christ, we are communicating for Him. Jesus commands us to let our light shine before men that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). This means everything we communicate needs to point to our heavenly Father. And that is why purposeful communication is so important. We must live our lives constantly being aware of everything we’re communicating.

I’ve realized that purposeful communication doesn’t only affect our words. The importance of purposeful communication permeates every aspect of our lives! My goal in writing this blog is to examine all kinds of elements of life in light of purposeful communication. I’ve excited to embark on this journey! Will you join me?

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